Netherlands Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group (NDESG)

The Netherlands Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group (NDESG) embraces researchers involved in epidemiological research in the field of diabetes. This encompasses etiological and prognostic studies along with clinical interventions on e.g. pathophysiology, prevention as well as health care and health care models.

During the Annual Dutch Diabetes Research Meeting van de NVDO the NDESG organizes a session dedicated to these topics. This session provides an excellent platform to present and discuss your epidemiological studies in the field of diabetes. It is the aim of the NDESG to bring together the Dutch researchers on diabetes epidemiology, to stimulate communication with peers and present the latest and state-of-the-art research.

All researchers interested are kindly invited to connect with the NDESG by contacting the NDESG chair Femke Rutters ( or secretary Renée de Mutsert ( The NDESG maintains a mailing list to keep you posted on news and upcoming events. Subscribing to this e-mail list can be done via the chair or secretary mentioned above and is for free.