Dr. F. Gerritzen Award

The dr. F. Gerritzen-award is an annual thesis award founded by SANOFI awarded to a researcher who recently defended his/her thesis on a topic related to diabetes mellitus. The prize is a bronze token, the dr. F. Gerritzen-badge, a certificate and a €5.000,- cheque for the winner and €500,- for the other 2 nominees. In an award session during the Annual Dutch Diabetes Research Meeting, the 3 most highly ranked theses will be presented by the nominees.

Prof. dr. J. Terpstra Award

With this award, we aim to inspire young scientists involved in any aspect of diabetes research. These researchers are encouraged to come up with brilliant, high-quality research proposals. The awarded proposal has to be innovative, should comprise a clear hypothesis and deliver results relevant to -and applicable in- the field of diabetes mellitus. A budget encompassing the main issues should also be part of the proposal.